A Diary Entry from Henri

19 Nov


Dear Diary,

It’s shaping up to be quite a different term this year. I’m really glad I gave Marjorie a decent chance because she is a girl that deserves a decent chance. We had a good chat last night after we’d finished cleaning the art room and she told me all about her family and why she’s friends with Mariah. It’s sad but when we grow up and leave school we’ll be in the real world and the real world is just like that. Sometimes you have to get along with people you don’t like. Seems to me that now is as good a time as any.

Speaking of getting along with people you don’t like, Bobbie came up with a plan to get back at Mariah. Don’t fear, dear diary, I haven’t lost my morals, it’s not a wicked plan. The plan is for us to help each other succeed at our studies and while one could argue our motivation is remiss (is that the word I want? I’ll look it up in the dictionary later) the deed in itself is right.

And speaking of Bobbie, she’s not getting along near as badly as we feared. I think her kind nature plays a big part in that and also though she was spoilt, she was spoilt in a loving way which hasn’t spoilt her, only made her spoiled. This makes sense to me now, I hope it will when I read back as a very old lady! She still likes to get her way and thinks if she has an idea we should all act on it but we haven’t seen any tempter tantrums or insisting on taking up too much space or anything like that. Jo and I are trying to be as kind on her as we can. I feel sorry for her as she’s never been away from home before and from what Jo’s told me she’s a bit of a mummy’s girl and never been away from her for more than a day or two. Jo doesn’t understand that so much but I do. Jo tells me she looks for letters in every post and is yet to receive one which must be hard— having roomed with Jo I know sure well how many letters she gets!

But I must stop writing now as it will be lights out soon.

Good night, Dear Diary!



I just looked it up in the dictionary. It means lacking in care of attention to duty. Maybe not quite the right word but it will do!

Now I really must go!



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2 responses to “A Diary Entry from Henri

  1. ghekate

    2nd December, 2012 at 09:05

    Very interesting. So we see that the girls do see flight faults in Bobbi. And geeze I hope no one steals a peak in Henri’s diary! You’re not supposed to write down secret plans on paper! lol.

    • kathleen

      2nd December, 2012 at 18:23

      Yeah, everyone has their faults and it would be very different from going as an only child who spends a lot of time playing with a servant to being at school amongst her peers. All things considered she’s doing pretty well. And yeah, Henri better keep that diary close!


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