Letter From Lady D’Winter to Lady Luxum

30 Nov

Author’s Note: Just a quick little extra, there’ll be another in a few days. I’m working on the photos for chapter 14 which will either take not very long at all or the most time out of any chapter yet, I haven’t decided yet, we’ll see how much spare time I have! I had fun writing that chapter though, I included something that happened when I was at school… tehehe… but like most of my chapters don’t dismiss what you read as all fun and games. Things in my stories have a habit of comming back later. Of course, chapter 14 (and the next one which I LOVE, chapter 15: Abandoned) is still a long way away. Before then you have a few added extras and two more chapters to read. So keep trying to figure out what’s going on because there’s always something going on. There’s a few things you know, a heap of stuff you think you know, a heap of stuff you know you don’t know and of course there’s stuff you don’t know that you don’t know.

Also, I got the most view ever yesterday! Yay! 😀 Thanks to all of my readers! I’ve also started a blog for my random legacy Recolour if anyone wants to read that.

Lady Luxum,

I with to express my gratitude for the kind donation you made in support of my humble establishment. It is only with the support of fine ladies such as yourself that I can continue giving the quality of education that the class of young ladies who attend my school expect.

I also wish to invite you and Mr Luxum to grace our midsummer soiree with you presence. It is organized by the older pupils and I am sure that as a lady of society yourself you understand the need for girls to learn important skills and become competent hostesses. We shall also be holding a charity auction and half the proceeds from this will go to a local charity run by the most respectable Miss Marsh which helps young girls of the serving class in between positions to obtain a new one—  provided that they are decent, moral girls. The other half will go to aid our building repair fund.

Thank you again, most kindly,

Many regards,

Lady D’Winter


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2 responses to “Letter From Lady D’Winter to Lady Luxum

  1. ghekate

    2nd December, 2012 at 09:55

    Closets that nine year old girls could pry the boards off of…yes, I’ll say they need that repair fund. 🙂

    • kathleen

      2nd December, 2012 at 18:17

      tehehe, yeah! The wardrobe is actually based on the way one of my old schools was built. It used to be a boarding school in victorian times and while we had new buildings, some of the buildings had been renovated many years ago to change them from dorms into classrooms when it became just a day school… then not renovated again since.
      There were all sorts of cubbyholes and strange places as a result of the conversion.

      Between two classrooms in the oldest building we had a set of cupboards build just like this wardrobe except they didn’t have a backing inbetween at all. You could see right through. I couldn’t go for something like that because they’d have noticed that the first day. We also had a set of draws between the sixth form common room and the sewing room that were like this. You pulled the draw open in the common room and the other side of the draw in the sewing room popped into the wall. Gave you a fright if you didn’t expect it! A lot of girls were mean to the sewing teacher and used those draws to play a lot of tricks on her.
      But Lady D’Winter is one to use money where it can be seen by important people. Important people don’t look in the backs of children’s wardrobes so the thin boards which were tacked up as a tempoary measure many years ago isn’t something she cares about. 😀 But yeah, they need that repair fund, LOL 😀


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