A Letter From Marjorie

13 Jan

Dear Roberta,

I hope you are keeping well at school and not letting Jo get you into too much trouble. Is it nice having the run of the school or, all things considered, is it rather dull? How are things here? Well, I’ll let you decide.

0629: Mariah’s lady maid wakes her up. Mariah scolds her for waking her up early (by one minute!) She tells her maid that she can get dressed on her own and will call her when she’s ready to have her hair done

Mariah rolls over and goes back to sleep.

0649: Mariah wakes up of her own accord and summons her lady’s maid with haste.

0649-0653: Mariah flaps around scolding her maid for letting her sleep in.

0654 Mariah rushes about her morning toilet with her maid racing after her trying to help her wash her face and fold her nightgown and pull her shift over her head. Mariah refuses her help then gets in an awful tangle.

0659 Mariah races downstairs with her maid chasing after her trying to brush her hair.

0700 and a few seconds: Mariah prances into the breakfast room and into her chair complaining about low trained domestics.

0705: Mariah complains that cook hasn’t provided a single decent thing for breakfast and demands whatever it is cook hasn’t prepared today. Usually it’s what she turned her nose up to the day before yesterday.

0720: Cook brings up the breakfast Mariah demanded. Mariah informs cook that she took so long she had to make do with the fruit and yogurt provided (every day).

0730: breakfast finishes. Mr Luxum kisses Mariah and her mother goodbye and heads off to work. Work here means his gentleman’s club where he sits around smoking cigars and reading newspapers before heading off to luncheon out then go play golf in the afternoon.

0735: Mariah calls her maid to re-dress her and redo her hair. Sometimes this requires ironing a dress fresh.

0815: Mariah is fit to face the day.

0820: Mariah tells me to make practical use of my day and she spends the morning working on her embroidery in the morning sitting-room.

1000: We take morning tea together and Mariah complains that the teacakes are not light enough or so light they crumble away before she can eat them.

1025: Mariah returns to her room where she accuses me of messing up her dolls and so she is forced to rearrange and redress them all.

1025: I get scolded for asking if she’s enjoying playing with her dolls. She is NOT playing, she is tidying! They are collectibles, not toys!

1200: if we are having luncheon at home we have lunch now. Please see the morning routine to get an idea of how things go getting ready for that.

1300: We are meant to have left to pay afternoon calls. See the morning to know how getting ready for that goes.

1330: We actually leave.

1400-1600 we are out paying calls which require me to sit and look pretty and drink too-sweet tea and smile.

1630: we return home, change, and resume afternoon activities. I usually go riding.

1830: I begin getting dressed for dinner. Mariah has been getting ready for the past half hour. Her poor maid is on her THIRD attempt at Mariah’s hair.

1855: Mariah finally gets her maid to do her hair right. Hair looks no different than it did the first time she did it.

1859: Mariah prances into the dining room.

1900: Dinner is served. If you’ve read breakfast, you know what happens now.

2000: We all retire to the drawing room. Mariah plays the piano and sings and I sit and pretend I’m interested.

2007: Mr Luxum retreats to his study to write letters, by which I mean have a brandy.

2100: Mrs Luxum sends us to bed. Mariah protests.

2110-2130: Mariah finally heads up to bed. Demands a story from her maid. Changes her mind three times about what story she wants.

2200: Mariah finally goes to sleep.

You now know why the next morning goes how it does!

Of curse, I don’t do everything with Maria. Sometimes she receives invitations to things I am not invited to. For example the other day she and her mother were invited to a tea party from one of Mrs Luxum’s high brow friends. It was in aid of charity. Last time I was there I knocked over the sugar dish and haven’t been invited back since. I happened to mention this to Henri and she just happened to invite me to her house on the same day. It wasn’t intended, really!

I’ll look forward to seeing you soon, keep that Jo out of trouble in the meantime!

Many regards,






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11 responses to “A Letter From Marjorie

  1. Beth :)

    13th January, 2013 at 18:36

    Wow, Mariah is really a spoilt brat. Poor Marjorie.

    • kathleen

      13th January, 2013 at 18:41

      Tehehe! Yeah, she is! Poor Marjorie.

  2. misslottieblogs

    13th January, 2013 at 23:19

    Wow, this schedule is like my life – in a scarily similar way. Except I’m not as picky or demanding as wee Mariaha 😉

    • kathleen

      13th January, 2013 at 23:48

      Well, I must admit that reading your blog has helped me a bit to now what her schedule might be like. I’ve also drawn on what I’ve read from historic fiction. All those old books talk about being on time for meals and sleeping in and all sorts of things.
      And no, you’re not at all like Mariah! Mariah is not a nice girl at all. Very spoilt and demanding.

      • misslottieblogs

        14th January, 2013 at 00:04

        Really? Lol well our family routine has been nothing more than the boring everyday thing but I must admit I’m glad I always know what’s going on, which is the positive part of how my home life is.

        Thank you I didn’t think I was like her. Although I definitely roll over and go back to sleep after Ayla has woken me!!!

        Lottie x

        • kathleen

          14th January, 2013 at 00:13

          lol, I roll over and go back to sleep after my alarm has woken me. Usually I’ve just hit the snooze button so get woken 8 minutes later.

          • misslottieblogs

            14th January, 2013 at 00:20

            Hmmm, alarm clock…I’m tempted to ask if I can use one and start getting up on my own. I’m going to try. I shouldn’t see why not.

  3. ghekate

    18th January, 2013 at 05:57

    Wow that Mariah is something else…but in a way I kind of feel sorry for her, finally. She must be an incredibly sad and bored child to have nothing better to do all day than to pick on the servants for entertainment and has to be “practical” with her time instead of playing games and being happy like a normal child.

    • kathleen

      18th January, 2013 at 09:27

      Yeah, poor thing, it can’t be a fun life. She does play with her dolls but she pretends she’s organising them. I wouldn’t want to be her servant though!

  4. caterpillar

    16th February, 2013 at 23:23

    Haha! A day in the life of Mariah! I had a nice long laugh with my morning coffee reading that.

    • kathleen

      17th February, 2013 at 00:03

      Tehehe! Glad it gave you a laugh!


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