A Diary Entry from Henri

27 Jan

Dear Diary.

My, hasn’t the term sped by fast? It’s funny not getting any letters from home but I’m not too homesick. The mailboat strike ended a week ago so I hope that we’ll begin receiving letters soon. Yesterday Jo, Bobbie and I took our leftovers from the picnic lunch we had during our nature walk to our secret spot in the garden for afternoon tea. Jo took one of Bobbie’s toys down, it’s a wand that actually sparkles when you wave it! Bobbie says’s it’s fairy dust and magic but Jo wanted to know if I knew how it worked. It doesn’t tick so it can’t be clockwork. My brother once showed me a patent for a watch that never needed winding up, you wound it up by moving it about. I didn’t understand exactly how it worked, but I wonder if the wand is like that? It works when it moves. It doesn’t explain what the sparkles are made of, they look like fireworks but there’s no heat and you don’t need to light anything.

I’ve written to my brother to ask him what he thinks, it is a curious thing!

Now I must dash. The tea bell has just rung!


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Posted by on 27th January, 2013 in Future's Present Extras!


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