A Letter From Bobbie to the Coopers

29 Jan

Dear Messrs Albert and Hadley Cooper.

Thank you for agreeing to correspond with me! As Michael said I’m the daughter of your parent’s old friends, Mr and Mrs Hilton. But I have to admit that I’ve deceived you. Michael told you this was my only reason for wanting to contact you, but it’s not. Jo told me not to say yet but to get to know you first but I can’t wait that long, so here it is.

We have a mystery on our hands and it’s piped my curiosity.

It stared when we got a new maid here at school. A young girl called Frankie. She was bringing some food into our room one day and she saw a painting on my wall that she recognised. Well, after a lot of investigation we’ve put the following story together. Frankie was born on your estate and has worked as a servant at your house for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t know her real parents. Her full name is Francesca but everyone calls her Frankie. She was sent from your house and now she works with us here and she’s not registered with the agency which could cause problems for her.

But my parents always told me about your family, in particular about your little sister, called Francesca. She was just younger than me, which is Frankie’s age. My mother was in correspondence with your mother who kept my mother updated on Francesca. She is very sickly and Mother was told this is why you all live at Braklesie, the weather there is good for her health.

Now Frankie says there is no Cooper daughter, only you boys. In his correspondence with us Michael told us the story of the baby in the photograph, how she was only living with you a short time. It is my parents in this photograph and that’s the Francesca they know as your little sister.

You can see my confusion!

I’d love to know the story behind my mystery and hope you are willing to help me. I don’t mean to pry in other’s affairs but… it IS a mystery, is it not?

Please write back!


Miss Roberta Hilton.

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