Despite the fact that Future’s Present starts off just like any other old in public domain school story you can read on Project Gutenberg, it’s a science fiction novella— it is futuristic science and technology that drives the plot. While you’ll see more of the sci-fi elements as the story progresses, they’re there right from the prologue if you keep your eyes peeled!

Please feel free to leave any comments. Because I’m posting this story before it’s all written, the writng is a only at the first draft stage. While this isn’t as polished as it could should be I don’t intend for you to see any spelling or major grammatical mistakes. Please feel free to let me know if you see any— I WON’T be offended!

I also particularly welcome observations, speculations and pointing out the sci-fi elements you find. Things don’t quite add up? Let me know. This is very helpful for me to know what you’re all picking up on as I’m foreshadowing and dropping hints in my pictures as well as the writing and I’m not used to using pictures as well.

In addition to the story I have a page of character profiles and a status page so you can see where I’m at with writing the story.

If you think the first chapters look familiar in some way… they do. I started Future’s Present about a year ago and posted the first chapters to a few forums. It was meant to be something quick and lighthearted before I started work on a rather depressing novel. Then the great computer meltdown of 2011 halted progress which was followed by the 2012 new-computer-in-the-shop-bring-fixed-again issue. Then I went overseas and so on… But I’m back home with a working computer. Yay!

So I’ve re-created everything as far as I can and have begun re-taking photos. I learned a lot about photo-taking for Sims 3 stories the first time round and hope to apply that, and learn even more, the second time round.


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