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A Report to a supervisor

Interview request approved. Proprietress unavailable but 2IC willing to meet at 1500 tomorrow.


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A Report to a supervisor

Extra training on dress, customs and manners have been successful in assimilating to the local culture. Have requested interview with the proprietress of the suspected local and am awaiting confirmation. Have purchased clothing so to blend in better than when in clothing issued by HQ. Shirts, vest, ties and the various trinkets necessary were easy to obtain. A suit is made for each man on request and there is a whole profession devoted to this task! This requires leaving an identity, location and other personal data which is not possible. I have purchased a suit from a shop which sells those once worn by others to avoid this issue. I include the invoice

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A Letter from Lady D’Winter to…?

Dear Sir. As requested I informed the gentleman from the commission that the Hilton girl, while initially enrolled in my school for the year, departed instead with her parents after both girl and parents could not bare to be parted from one another. This then confirmed your reports of the girl having sailed on the ship with her parents. I was required to show my paperwork but my assistant had already made the necessary adjustments and the commission was satisfied. If you would please make the second payment as promptly as you are able, Regards, Lady D’Winter.


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A Report from a Man at the Commission.

Author’s Note: Well, I thought I’d do a few added extras to beep you all going before part two! Enjoy.

Dear Sir,

Amongst the bodies not uncovered in the Hilton shipwreck was that of the Hilton girl, Roberta, aged nine years. There had been a suggestion that she did not re-board the ship at Fraitessa and instead was lodged at a school locally. The commission tasked me to investigate the issue.

The Hilton home has already been sold and new servants hired. I attempted to locate those that served the Hilton family to interview but was not successful. Passage had been arranged for all three for the full journey and as I cannot find anyone who can confirm that their plans had changed we cannot assume that they had.

In the interests of thoroughness I visited every school and boarding house in Fraitessa who admit girls of that age. At each one I interviewed their proprietress and investigated their books. I managed to trace the Hilton family to an establishment run by Lady D’Winter who had requested a place for Miss Hilton for a period of six months. Lady D’Winter takes girls for a full year only and after an interview with the family she stated they decided to keep the girl with them as initially planned.

Thus I can only deduce that Miss Hilton perished in the tragedy that took her parents and her body is lost at sea.

Please find attached my full report,


Albert Blackwater.


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E.G. Identified!

The most recent victim of the Highland Killer has been identified! The young woman was discovered by local children behind rocks on a cliff face with no identification except for the initials “E.G” embroidered on a needle case by her mother. Police have identified the young woman as Helena Grey, known as Elen. She served as a nursery maid for the same Hilton household whose recent tragedy has been reported in this paper.
Miss Grey is believed to have been on her way to visit her ill mother (who has since passed away from her illness) when the Highland Killer brutally took her life. Police hope that information about the victims will further their investigations and lead to the successful arrest of the killer. With Miss Grey’s mother deceased and the Hilton family, her only employers, lost at sea, police are asking for anyone who knew Miss Grey to come forward.

Authors Note: Thank you to all my readers for your support! It’s been wonderful and a real motivation. It seems like only the other day I was celebrating 1,000 views and now I am nearing 2,500! Wow! I hope you are still enjoying the story and looking forward to seeing how Bobbie’s world will change. Also about the body count… this is VERY low for me, so don’t be too sad!


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Henri’s Diary Entry.

My Dear Diary,

Why don’t you appreciate gown-ups until they’re not there? Mother and Father have left and I can’t ask them. Marjorie’s are far away and we can’t wait that long for a reply. Even my brother is too far away to wait for a reply from, I still haven’t had his reply for my last letter yet. Jo’s parents are under quarantine and we can’t ask them either.

A letter arrived for Bobbie the other day and Gladys gave it to us rather than her. She’s a good girl, Gladys, and she did the right thing but the selfish part of me doesn’t like the fact that now it’s our problem. You see, it wasn’t a letter for Bobbie, but rather from her. It was the one she sent that bounced back. It came back again, but this time it had written across the front:

“No longer at this address. Current occupants do not have forwarding address. Return to sender. Undeliverable.”

This is why her letters haven’t been getting home.

Jo told me that Bobbie said her parents had a surprise for her on the way home, could it be they’ve bought a new house? Jo thinks so but while I can understand the joy of giving someone a nice surprise it is a rather heartless way to go about moving. Wouldn’t her parents have considered that maybe she might write home and find out that way? Or that she’d have a secret place in her garden that she’d like to say goodbye to? No matter how wonderful their new home is won’t Bobbie still be sad not to say goodbye to her old one?

Then again, I’m not sure if Bobbie’s Parents are as wonderful as she makes out. Surely a doting mother leaving her only child for the first time in her life would have at the very least made the effort to write once. She could have at least sent a letter from Fraitessa on the day she left.

But it leaves us with the question of what to do about the letter. We can’t not give it to her as she’s been waiting for it. We haven’t decided what to say yet but we have decided not until after the soiree tomorrow night. Bobbie deserves to enjoy that no matter what. Of course, Jo expects me to come up with what to say which is unfair as she’s her best friend, but for some reason people just expect me to know the right thing to do.

Time to get my thinking head on.




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A Letter From Bobbie to the Coopers

Dear Messrs Albert and Hadley Cooper.

Thank you for agreeing to correspond with me! As Michael said I’m the daughter of your parent’s old friends, Mr and Mrs Hilton. But I have to admit that I’ve deceived you. Michael told you this was my only reason for wanting to contact you, but it’s not. Jo told me not to say yet but to get to know you first but I can’t wait that long, so here it is.

We have a mystery on our hands and it’s piped my curiosity.

It stared when we got a new maid here at school. A young girl called Frankie. She was bringing some food into our room one day and she saw a painting on my wall that she recognised. Well, after a lot of investigation we’ve put the following story together. Frankie was born on your estate and has worked as a servant at your house for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t know her real parents. Her full name is Francesca but everyone calls her Frankie. She was sent from your house and now she works with us here and she’s not registered with the agency which could cause problems for her.

But my parents always told me about your family, in particular about your little sister, called Francesca. She was just younger than me, which is Frankie’s age. My mother was in correspondence with your mother who kept my mother updated on Francesca. She is very sickly and Mother was told this is why you all live at Braklesie, the weather there is good for her health.

Now Frankie says there is no Cooper daughter, only you boys. In his correspondence with us Michael told us the story of the baby in the photograph, how she was only living with you a short time. It is my parents in this photograph and that’s the Francesca they know as your little sister.

You can see my confusion!

I’d love to know the story behind my mystery and hope you are willing to help me. I don’t mean to pry in other’s affairs but… it IS a mystery, is it not?

Please write back!


Miss Roberta Hilton.

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