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Your Sim in My Story!

A while back I put out a call for extras and got some fantastic sims in response. For those of you who were kind enough to provide me with sims to use, keep an eye out because you’ll start to see them in the story. There’s a few in Chapter 26 and some more in the upcomming chapters.
Can you spot them?
Also I’ve downloaded some sims of characters from one of my favourite fandoms. They’ve gone through a bit of a makeover, but keep an eye out and see if you can spot them too!

Thank you all again for the support you’ve shown towards me in the writing of this story. I hope it doesn’t dissapoint!


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Ask the Author

I thought I’d open up this post to any questions people have. About my story, about me, about the world the story is set in, anything you like. I might not answer all the questions but feel free to ask away!

I might use them to write an about me page or I might make a post with some answers. Maybe no one has any questions but if you do this is your chance to ask them!



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Part two– Less than 24 Hours Away!

That’s right folks, part two is less than 24 hours away.  I’m working on chapter 26 at the moment so I’m where I want to be schedule-wise. I wonder if the next four chapters will take you where you think they’re going!





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Progressing well

I’m working on the pictures for Chapter Twenty-Four: The Watcher. Those for chapters 22 and 23 are done, just need to be sorted and submitted. I’m writing Chapter 26 and have outlined through to chapter 30. Once I’ve got the photos for chapter 25 finished I’ll power ahead and do a stack of writing, I just want to make sure I have four chapters ready to go first. I’m working hard on pictures and poses and I’ve built a few new sets in this time which always takes ages.

Here’s another sneak peek.




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Part Two Announcement

Thank you to all those who voted in the poll. I was surprised to see Wednesday come out first, but then I thought about time differences and I guess most of you have been receiving post updates on Wednesday even though it’s Thursday when I post them.

I’ve been posting chapter updates at midnight on Thursday mornings (here in QLD Australia, anyway). I’ve decided to move that forward two hours to ten pm Wednesday so most people will probably see the updates on Wednesday.

So, when will part two start? Well, I was planning on taking two weeks break and I’ve gotten the next four chapters written out and up to chapter 30 outlined (and the plot for the whole story is of course finished) but I’ve only got as far as partway through chapter twenty two with pictures, due to a couple of unexpected events like stupidly downloading a virus and deleting a whole heap of stuff. Oops. 😦

Taking pictures is what holds up progress for me, it’s the part I find hard, and I don’t want to be under pressure each week to take pictures because a) that’s not fun and b) the story will suffer.

So I’ve decided to announce the date for the beginning of part two as Wednesday the 13th of march 10pm, my local time (QLD Australia)

I’m sorry about the month off between parts one and two, but I’m sure you understand and it will really help make part two the best it can be. Also, think how long you have to wait between seasons of your favourite show! And America or England aren’t getting it before you and spoiling it on the internet, so it’s not all that bad 😀 It also means I’ll be able to committ to the same posting schedule I had with part one (once a week, on time Extras are extra.)

The next most popular day was Saturday so if I have extras I’ll post at least one on the Saturday. Because I tend to add in extras as I go (they’re a bit influenced by reader’s comments) there won’t be a set time and depending on your timezone they might come up on Friday night.

Thank you all again for your support, it’s been wonderful! I’m really glad there’s folks out there enjoying my story. I have recently passed 3,000 total views and that’s just… wow! for me.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek from the next chapter.




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Part Two Progress

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.”

— Dylan Thomas

The writing for part two is progressing well! I’m finishing up chapter four now.

I thought I might share a peek at the chapter titles for part two so here they are (as of now, subject to change):

Chapter Twenty-two: A New Dawn

Chapter Twenty-three: Francesca Cooper

Chapter Twenty-four: The Watcher

Chapter Twenty-five: Into the night

What do you think?

I think my writing is much better than it would have otherwise been if I hadn’t given myself the chance to take a break from weekly chapters (and I haven’t let you all go without completely! I think the added extras sure put a cat amongst the pigeons!) so I hope you enjoy the chapters when they come 😀


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What day of the week would you prefer to see updates?

I thought I’d take the oppertunity to ask whatday of the week people would prefer chapters to be posted, if there’s a preference. It doesn’t make any diifference to me as I can submit them to go up any time. You can select several options so if you prefer a week day or a weekend you can reflect that through your voting.

In a few days once I’ve got some votes I’ll anounce the date of the next Chapter!


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