Photos for chapter 26 are done! Took ages but when you see them ou might understand why! I also did some major set building today.


Photos are done through to chapter 25. Photos for chapter 22 are almost sorted and I hope to submit Chapter 22 tonight (and possibly chapter 23 depending on time). Chapter 22 will post tomorrow night!


Photos for chapter 24are finished! They took ages… but hopefully they are good! lol. Looking forward to photos for chapter 25 because I get to use a few poses I’ve had stashed for AGES and have been saving for a specific scene. Yay!


Chapters 22 through 25 are written and work on chapter 26 has started. I have outlined up to chapter 29. Pictures for chapters 22 and 23 are done and those for chapter 24 are started.


I’ve finished part one of the story, last chapter went up minutes ago!

For the past two or three chapters I’ve been finishing the chapter the week it was being posted which isn’t ideal. I’m taking a two week break before starting to post part two, this should enable me to get ahead again (I hope).


Photos for chapter 17 are done and just need to be sorted etc.

I’ve decided to add a chapter in between the old 17 and 18 so I’m almost finished writing that then I’ll need to take some pictures for it but they’l be quick and easy. What is now chapter 19 needs to be written and to have pictures taken, the pictures here need a bit more work. Chapter 20 is written and I’m deciding if pictures will take a fair bit of work or a LOT of work (it depends what I take pictures of!)

I’ve started working on the sets for part two already even though we’re a few months off that yet because they’ll take AGES.


Happy new year!

Chapter 16 is submitted. I’m not as ahead as I’d like to be as I’ve been working overtime for the past few weeks due to Christmas, but I’ve got a few days off next week and hopefully I’ll be able to get ahead again. No fear of any chapters being posted late to the blog yet!


I’ve finished writing chapter 16 now working on finishing chapter 17. Yes, you may notice I write slightly out of order as I’ve mentioned writing chapters 20 and 21 already! These chapters are actually now chapters ninteen and twenty. No, I haven’t cut anything out, I just combined chapters 16 and 17 into chapter 16. Chapter 17 that I’m finishing now was chapter 18. The chapter to be posted tomorrow (chapter 14) just needs to have the order of the pictures finalised and to be submitted. No fantastically exciting pictures I’m sorry but the chapter draws on events that happened when I was at school and I hope you enjoy the story. Chapter 15 has some fantastic pictures (in my opinion, anyway).


Been working crazy hours at work (Christmas retail means six day weeks, starting as early as 6am and finishing as late as.. well, me and my boss joked we should have a campout at the shop! lol!

Still plodding along. I’m consolidating a few future chapters and re-arranging stuff, mostly around the chapters 16-20. Almost ready to continue with photos. Everything still on schedule so far!

04/12, almost 05/12

Well, I’ve finished the photos for chapter 15. I worked really hard on them! There’s a few I’m really proud of. 😀

I also did the first few photos for chapter 16. Mot much but it’s a start…


Photos for chapter 14 are finished and I’m designing the new costumes and a new set for chapter 15. Hopefully I’ll get cracking on chapter 15 photos soon!

Meanwhile, a funny fact. I only save my story game when I make changes I want to keep (like to the costume or set). I had a sink break when I was cleaning up the food from chapter 10. I saved after the sink broke as I’d made some changes to the sets. Well… Every time I go in the game I make Lad D’Winter fix the sink and Mariah mop up the puddle when I’m working with other characters… LOL Because I don’t save they’ve had to do this five or six times now. HAHAHAHAHA


Chapter 12 is submitted and scheduled to post on the 6th.


Finished the photos for chapter 13 which I think were more work than they look. They required wardrobe changes, landscaping and some careful lining up (could it be the creepy sci-fi guy again? keep an eye out!) Working on chapter 14 now. That shouldn’t take long (all going well).

I’m looking forward to you all reading chapter 11 but also really looking forward to you all reading chapter 15. It’s one of my more favourite chapters. And just WAIT until you read chapters 20 and 21. Depending on how I go I might make them a rare double special and post them only a few days appart. Maybe. If you’re all good? lol. We’ll see how I go. Sorry to be talking about chapters which are several months away for you all, but at least you know they’ll be here, right?


Chapter ten is up! Eleven is scheduled to post and I’m working on the photos for chapters 13 and 14. Photos for chapter 12 are finished, I just need to choose which ones I’m using and put them in order then schedule the chapter to post. Most of the writing through to chapter 21 is done, just have to fill in a few gaps here and there.


Photos are finished through to chapter eleven and I’m working on getting them chosen, formatted and submitted tonight then onto photos for capter twelve. I’ve decided to go ahead with the letter/diary extracts and the amount of interest will determine how many I do! So let me know what you think!

Update! Chapter ten is scheduled to post on the 22nd of November. Just over a month before Christmas– wow the time goes fast! I’ve also written a letter that is scheduled to post on the 11th and may write a few more!


Well Chapter seven is up and chapter eight will be up soon. I’m working on getting chapter ten up and the pictures for chapter eleven finished so I can get that up too.


Part way through photos for chapter eleven. Now to figure out how to make pictures look like they’ve been taken INSIDE a wardrobe. I’m looking forward to taking photos for chapter twelve bu I’ve not only got to finish chapter eleven photos first but I need to build a new classroom. Yay for custom content 😀


Photos for chapter ten are FINALLY done. Yeah, took me forever, I know.  I hope you can tell when you read chapter ten! lol. Now I jus need to go through the photos, chooe what ones I’m using and put them in order into the chapter, upload the photos here, format it and submit it and that’s another chapter that will be scheduled to post. Yay! Hopefully I’ll have that done before thursday. I like having four in the que to be posted!


I forgot to say that chapter six is up!

I realised I made a mistake in my plotting and had it being midwinter during midsummer. Oops. It took me a few days trying to work out how to fix it without re-writing what I’ve already posted. I had a few options, have an event take place in midsummer or introduce additional action to move the event to midwinter. I went for the second and I believe it makes the story more believable and true to character, so I’m pretty glad that happened. No, I’m not filling it up with padding! With actual plot points that work out better there than when I had them. I’ve moved a few cards around in scrivener and am working on writing again.

Oh, and that creepy scifi guy you’ve seen peeking in at windows? Yeah, him. You now get to learn more about him sooner thanks to the re-arranging, but it will still be a little while. Who can he be? tehehe.


Character profiles have been updated.


Chapter nine is finished and scheduled to post on the 15th of november.

Still working on photos for chapter ten and writing for chapters 12-15.


Chapter Five is up! I’m still sick today so I spent most of the morning resting and not on the computer so I could go into work this afternoon. But I was feeling better tonight so I got to work and chapter eight is finished and scheduled to post on the 8th of november. I should get chapter nine done in the next few days. Chapter nine will either be very easy or very hard. As I said the photos are mostly boring (sorry). Once that’s done I’ll be back up to four chapters scheduled to post. Chapter six is scheduled to post in a week and chapter seven a week after that. Currently chapters are posting on thursday morning Australian time (so wednesday nightish in America, I think). I’m not sure if that’s the best time to post them, thinking of moving them to  friday night. Any thoughts?


I’ve had a few crazy days at work so not much progress besides a bit of writing. I’ve started photos for chapter ten but I was sick today so didn’t take that many. I did start with the hardest ones though.


Chapter four is up! Oh my, talk about first impressions! Chapter five will post on the 18th.

Did some more work on the story today. Photos from chapter nine are finished. Looking forward to taking photos of chapter ten, but they’ll have to wait a few days I think.

I need to sort through the photos from chapters eight and nine and put them t the text, which I think I’ll do before doing chapter ten photos.


Photos for chapter eight are finally finished. About to start work on photos for chapter nine which aren’t that interesting, I’m sorry to say. Photos from chapter ten make up for it though

12th of October.

Working on writing chapter twelve. Still doing pictures for chapter eight but I’m almost finished. Photos for chapter nine should be really quick to take, so that’s something. I hope I’m not laying the foreshadowing on too thick but Bobbie is only nine years old, imersed in school and all that goes along with that and has grown up very sheltered. We can forgive her for not jumping to conclusions and for not being totally paranoid. She totally should though, she totally should!

10th of October

Chapter three up! yay! Chapter seven is finished and submitted and scheduled to post in November. Working on photos for chapter eight. I’ve updated the character profile page with Bobbie’s household and school. I haven’t added descriptions to the school characters as those chapters haven’t posted yet, but I will do so once they do. A few pictures are there though. 🙂

For the moment I’ve deleted the future chapters off the chapter listing page, I’m worried some of the titles might have spoilers. I’m not sure though, so any comments would be appreciated! Right now I’ve just got the published chapters plus the next one.

9th of October

Photos are finished for chapter seven! May not be the best photos so I’m off to find every pose for children that I can download. Chapter six is finished and scheduled to post on the 25th.

7th of October

Working on taking photos for chapter seven, which requires a fair bit of building and so on as I need new sets and costumes for this one. I’m writing chapter ten at the moment.

5th of October

Chapters one through five are completed and are scheduled to post at four day intervals. Photos for chapter six have been taken so just need to decide what to use and put them in order into the chapter.

4th of October 2012

Currently I’m working on taking the photos for chapter six. Chapters one through four are completed and are scheduled to post at four day intervals. Chapter five’s photos are finished, I just need to re-read through the chapter and choose which pictures to use and upload them. After chapter five I plan on scheduling the posts for one week apart.

I’m also sorting some photos for the character profiles which I’m yet to write up.


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