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A Report to a supervisor

Interview request approved. Proprietress unavailable but 2IC willing to meet at 1500 tomorrow.


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A Report to a supervisor

Extra training on dress, customs and manners have been successful in assimilating to the local culture. Have requested interview with the proprietress of the suspected local and am awaiting confirmation. Have purchased clothing so to blend in better than when in clothing issued by HQ. Shirts, vest, ties and the various trinkets necessary were easy to obtain. A suit is made for each man on request and there is a whole profession devoted to this task! This requires leaving an identity, location and other personal data which is not possible. I have purchased a suit from a shop which sells those once worn by others to avoid this issue. I include the invoice

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A Report from a Man at the Commission.

Author’s Note: Well, I thought I’d do a few added extras to beep you all going before part two! Enjoy.

Dear Sir,

Amongst the bodies not uncovered in the Hilton shipwreck was that of the Hilton girl, Roberta, aged nine years. There had been a suggestion that she did not re-board the ship at Fraitessa and instead was lodged at a school locally. The commission tasked me to investigate the issue.

The Hilton home has already been sold and new servants hired. I attempted to locate those that served the Hilton family to interview but was not successful. Passage had been arranged for all three for the full journey and as I cannot find anyone who can confirm that their plans had changed we cannot assume that they had.

In the interests of thoroughness I visited every school and boarding house in Fraitessa who admit girls of that age. At each one I interviewed their proprietress and investigated their books. I managed to trace the Hilton family to an establishment run by Lady D’Winter who had requested a place for Miss Hilton for a period of six months. Lady D’Winter takes girls for a full year only and after an interview with the family she stated they decided to keep the girl with them as initially planned.

Thus I can only deduce that Miss Hilton perished in the tragedy that took her parents and her body is lost at sea.

Please find attached my full report,


Albert Blackwater.


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A report to a supervisor

Primary subject location unknown. Last known location is the Cooper estate at Braklesie but there have been no confirmed sightings. Possible location of secondary subject still unconfirmed but reconnaissance of the suspected local is a high priority. Attempts at questioning the locals have failed. Requesting extra training on dress, customs and manners to aid in the assimilation of local culture. Stepping back to a observational role until the necessary training is received.


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